Statement of Purpose.

The bodies research/kt cluster will provide a focus, framework, and support for research/kt activities in the area of bodies and their roles in, and relationships to, art, design, media and performance contexts.


Mission Statement.

The human body – its agency, form, permeability, power, subjectification, objectification, interfaces, neurons, – has become an increasingly significant focus for research for a wide variety of disciplines. The body’s profound entanglements in environments, ecologies, societies, communities, relationships, aesthetics, technologies, policies, performances, discourses, and politics should not be underestimated.

Our aim is to foster a dynamic and stimulating home for the exchange of ideas and practices, to develop a supportive framework of processes, and to afford financial sustenance for intersections and synergies around ‘the body’ within and across disciplines at the AUB and its collaborators. And, we also include other bodies alongside and intertwined with that of the human: objects as bodies, bodies of land, political bodies, and others.

The body can be described through adjectives and associated terms in many ways, ways which open up a variety of dimensions through which we can focus our activities:

the performing body

the performative body

the ’embodied’ body

the body and culture

the phenomenological body

the body and/as/is spatial practice

the somatic body

the body and the environment

the body and technologies

the technological body

the political body

the body politic

the body and identity

the permeable body

the distributed body

the thinking body

the spatial body


The ‘bodies’ cluster

  • is an area of focus which knots together research/kt strands which are woven into various art, design, media and performance subject areas/disciplines, as well as those in the humanities, social and natural sciences
  • supports one of our strongest USPs: collaboration/complementarity
  • will lead to new developments in curricula
  • will strengthen the AUB brand by presenting work already being done, by situating us within a set of research foci shared in national and international arenas,
  • has the potential to impact on the world outside the university through KT, …
  • is multi-disciplinary, and will be able to tap into funding across the arts and humanities, natural sciences and more broadly pedagogical practice
  • will draw potential Masters (especially in the areas of spatial practice, contemporary performance, architecture, design interactions, …) and PhD students to AUB